Affordable Braces in Fountain, Colorado: Dr. Johnson & Dr. Font Deliver Value

Posted on February 27, 2024

The Value of Quality Orthodontic Care in Fountain When it comes to achieving a beautiful, confident smile, choosing the right orthodontic care is paramount. At Imagine Braces, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Font understand the importance of providing exceptional service while making orthodontic treatment accessible and braces affordable to all families in Fountain, Colorado. Fountain’s Trusted… Read more »

Why Is Invisalign So Popular?

Posted on September 29, 2023

If you or your child are in need of orthodontic treatment, you might be considering Invisalign as a possible option. According to Invisalign, there are more than 4 million teenagers among the total 14 million people currently using the treatment option to correct misaligned teeth. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the… Read more »

6 Fun Facts About Invisalign

Posted on July 6, 2023

Getting straight teeth has never been easier due to Invisalign aligners. This popular treatment allows adults and teens to get straight teeth and fix bite issues discretely. If you’re curious about this treatment, here are a few fun facts you might want to know about. 1. Invisalign Has Been Around for Years If you think… Read more »

What Braces Style Will Work Best With You?

Posted on July 5, 2023

Fortunately, for today’s orthodontic patients, there are many different types of braces available. From clear braces to traditional metal braces, there’s something that fits just about everyone’s needs. Orthodontic treatment should begin at a young age, but there’s no real age cut-off for treatment. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, you should first take… Read more »

How to Decide the Best Age to Start Braces

Posted on June 7, 2023

A common belief is that you should start wearing braces at an early age to prevent dental issues, which does hold some truth. However, there is no age limit to start your treatment. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one out of five patients has already crossed 18 years. If you’re still in doubt… Read more »

Is Invisalign as Effective as Braces?

Posted on June 6, 2023

A smile is all it takes to brighten someone’s life. But sometimes crowded teeth can make it difficult to gain confidence and show off your smile to the world. Luckily, there are several options to set your teeth right. One such is Invisalign treatment, a painless treatment that quickly aligns teeth. According to Forbes, the… Read more »

5 Benefits to Metal Braces

Posted on May 2, 2023

Are you looking to get braces but unsure which is right for you? You might want to consider metal braces because they’re still some of the best options available. They’re an upgrade from the first braces which, according to Entrepreneurship Life, were invented about 300 years ago. Here are several reasons why these braces may… Read more »

3 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Their Oral Health

Posted on April 6, 2023

It can be hard to get your child to stay in the bathroom and properly brush their teeth and floss. To them, two minutes is a lifetime. But it’s important to get them to understand how vital taking care of their teeth is and to even get them to look forward to brushing their teeth…. Read more »

Which Is Right for You: Braces or Aligners?

Posted on March 20, 2023

Having to deal with misaligned teeth is no longer a struggle with the developments that have been made in orthodontic technology these last few years. You can now choose between various options, such as traditional braces and Invisalign clear aligners. Both options have pros and cons, so explore both before making a decision. Read on… Read more »

A Brief History of Orthodontics

Posted on March 8, 2023

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry. Orthodontics is specialized care that focuses on the position of the teeth and jaw. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, modern orthodontics first emerged as a specialty in 1900. However, there is evidence that this specialty has been around for a lot longer. Ancient Times As far back… Read more »

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