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The straight truth about braces

Braces have come a long way since your grandparents had them. Some are clear, some are silver and some are gold. Yep, gold! We offer braces in traditional silver, black, rainbow, purple, blue and gold!


Colorful Braces



Your self-esteem will skyrocket.
Your price won’t.

The last thing we want any of our patients to feel is worried about whether or not they can afford orthodontic care. That’s why we have treatment options starting at only $2998 total and lasts 12 months or less. This includes your initial consultation, x-rays, getting your braces put on and off, repairs, rubber band color changes, all appointments, all adjustments, and your very own custom vacuum-formed clear retainers. No hidden fees. No surprises. No kidding.


Protect your retainer from pulling a disappearing act.

It’s a fact of life, things get lost. Retainers are no exception. That’s why we offer one thing that isn’t included in our flat fee – retainer assurance. Sure, it’s not mandatory, but if you’re like the rest of us and often misplace things like your keys, your wallet, your glasses, or even that stray sock you can’t find a match for in the dryer– retainer assurance might be a good idea.

Retainer assurance is a 6-year program that kicks in the day you finish treatment. The best part, with retainer assurance you’ll get up to 4 sets of replacement retainers a year! That’s a total of 24 sets of retainers in 6 years. It only costs $615 (or is 5 easy payments of $123) – that’s less than the cost of 2 sets of replacement retainers. So, do yourself and your teeth a favor, sign up for retainer assurance.

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