How to Decide the Best Age to Start Braces

Posted on June 7, 2023

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A common belief is that you should start wearing braces at an early age to prevent dental issues, which does hold some truth. However, there is no age limit to start your treatment. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one out of five patients has already crossed 18 years. If you’re still in doubt about the right age for treatment, read on.

Ask Your Dentist

Most people believe age plays a big role in determining the need for braces. However, your dentist might be the right person to advise. They’ll carefully evaluate your teeth to find the best ways to help you achieve optimal oral health. Also, they’ve seen more patients and they know what’s best for you.


While your dentist or an orthodontist can help you decide the best time and method to wear braces, it doesn’t hurt to check your mouth for signs of misalignment or overcrowding. It helps to check for gaps between your teeth, overbite, or crooked teeth. This will also help you decide if clear braces or traditional braces are right for you. When it comes to which orthodontic treatment you choose, it usually comes down to your preferences.


If you’re willing to make the commitment to getting braces, there’s no wrong time to do it. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious about your teeth, it’s highly recommended to seek an appointment with an orthodontist.

Check Your Oral Care

In addition to readiness, your oral care may play a significant role in your decision. Keeping your teeth and gums clean can help speed up the process. Sometimes, you may be required to get a deep clean or undergo a root canal procedure to make your teeth ready for braces. If you decide to get clear braces, be sure to follow the procedures accordingly. This will help you prevent problems and ensure the best results.

Additional Complications

When people ask you to repeat sentences or complain about lack of hygiene, it’s a sign to get a professional opinion. The overcrowding of teeth can lead to tooth decay without early symptoms. A few of these can even cause gum diseases and other complications.

While it’s common and typically a quicker process to receive orthodontic treatment at a young age, there’s no cut-off to getting braces. If you feel the need for it or if your dentist suggests metal or clear braces, give our team of orthodontists a call today!

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