Your Headache May Be Coming from Your Teeth

Posted on March 17, 2021

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Colorado Springs orthodontists are seeing an increase in the number of patients requesting consultations for adult braces. Invisalign treatment options are bringing more adults in to see the orthodontist to not only fix their smiles but help them manage their headaches.

Misaligned teeth or “off” bites can cause tension headaches. Braces to correct misaligned bites can be the cure for these headaches while also creating a beautiful straight smile.

How Can Your Teeth Cause A Headache?

When teeth are misaligned or your bite is off, you are putting undue pressure on your jaw. Stressed and strained jaw muscles can result in a tension headache right in your temples. Orthodontics is not only about giving you a great smile, but the orthodontist is also an expert in face and jaw problems as well.

Both an underbite and an overbite can result in a great deal of pressure on the jaw as you chew. Braces can help put everything in the proper place and relieve that crushing pressure on your jaw to cure your headaches.

It’s estimated that about 20% of the population suffer from misaligned teeth. Many adults who struggle with tension headaches can find the relief they need not from a bottle of pain reliever but from simply having braces to correct their teeth.

Ask Your Orthodontist

Many adults see their medical doctor and specialists about these nagging headaches but do not consider that it is an orthodontic problem. If you are experiencing jaw pain, neck pain, headaches, or have discomfort when you chew, ask your orthodontist if it is an orthodontic problem.

If a medical problem is absent and you struggle with an unidentified source for your headaches, make an appointment to see an orthodontist. It can be a relief to find out all you need are adult braces to correct the problem.

Learn more about how headaches can be coming from your teeth by making an appointment today to see Dr. Johnson at Imagine Braces!

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