What to Expect During Your Orthodontics Consultation

Posted on October 14, 2021

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According to the AAO, adults and children alike, up to 50% to 75%, would benefit from having their teeth straightened. Does visiting an orthodontist make you nervous? Many people feel the same way. However, setting up a consultation will help ease anxiety and allow you to ask any questions you have about orthodontics.

Know What to Expect During an Orthodontic Consultation

Orthodontics are different for everyone. An initial consultation with a caring orthodontist is the best way to learn everything you need to know about treatments. Below is a comprehensive guide concerning what you can expect.

Dental and Medical History Are Important

Before a consultation, paperwork needs to be completed regarding dental and medical history. Providing this information helps determine the last time you had any type of treatment or x-rays and the condition of your teeth. Everything is taken into consideration so an orthodontist can create the best treatment plan for you.

The Next Step Is an Oral Exam and Imaging

An oral exam and imaging need to be completed next. This gives your orthodontist the ability to spot any issues you may have that weren’t included in your records. The exam could include using hand tools to examine your teeth and gums, dental molding, or 3D imaging of your jaw and teeth. The process is very gentle and nothing to stress about.

An Initial Treatment Plan Is Put in Place

Once everything has been reviewed, your orthodontist will compile an initial treatment plan. There are many teeth-straightening treatments available in orthodontics. Your orthodontist wants to make sure you are comfortable with the course of treatment and that it is exactly what you want.

Ask Questions and Get Answers

An initial consultation is the perfect time to ask questions about orthodontics. Having time with your orthodontist to discuss your teeth-straightening goals, treatment options, concerns, and fears is essential. You may get educational materials that go over the treatment options you have chosen too.

Discuss Payment and Insurance Options

It is always important to discuss payment and insurance options. Rest easy, your orthodontist has many options available, including financing. Their office staff will carefully review your insurance too, so you know exactly what to expect.

All that is left to do is schedule your first orthodontic appointment. Plan the best date, giving yourself plenty of time to be fit for braces. Knowing what to expect ahead of time ensures you get the best orthodontic experience.

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