How to Use Invisalign Effectively

Posted on June 28, 2022


Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic treatment option for people of all ages who desire healthy, attractive, and aligned teeth and who want to avoid using metal braces. It’s a popular orthodontic option available in more than 45 countries worldwide and is used in treating an estimated 2.5 million patients, according to Invisalign’s website. That said, if you’ve opted for Invisalign treatment, it’s smart to learn how to use it effectively to obtain optimal results.

Wear Your Aligners For At Least 22 Hours Every Day

Getting used to wearing aligners takes time, but it’s an essential part of your treatment that you shouldn’t forget. Ideally, they should be worn 22 hours daily and only removed while eating, drinking, or brushing. Ensuring that aligners are worn for most of the day makes them fit faster and prevents your treatment from being extended. Additionally, the more you wear your Invisalign, the more comfortable you’ll become with them.

Maintain Excellent Oral Hygiene

Food particles can become stuck in the Invisalign connectors or between the teeth, so it’s critical to keep your teeth and mouth clean during treatment. This encourages the growth of germs and plaque, putting your teeth in danger of decay. You should brush after each meal and floss once daily to remove any food particles lodged between your teeth. During treatment, drink enough water and avoid eating hard or sticky foods, particularly if you have Invisalign attachments.

Monitor Your Diet

Invisalign has various effects on your diet. Since you only have two hours to eat and brush your teeth, you’ll have to forego snacks. This implies you’ll need to eat a balanced diet to avoid becoming weak due to reduced food consumption. Remember to drink plenty of water, too, because aligners can cause your mouth to salivate excessively, which will leave you thirsty.

Carry Around a Retainer Case

When you remove your clear aligners, store them in a retainer case or enclose them in a clean napkin. It’s very easy for retainers to get misplaced or thrown away. That said, if you keep your retainers in a case, you’ll know exactly where to look for them when it’s time to place them back in your teeth.

Use Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is especially effective while wearing Invisalign. Invisalign prevents fluoride and whitening substances from being wiped away by saliva since it holds them in place. Whitening toothpaste is a sure and effective way to keep your Invisalign clean.

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