How to Make Invisalign Aligners Work for You

Posted on June 18, 2021

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With around 4 million people in the USA currently wearing braces, we think it’s safe to say that improving yourself and your smile is now more popular than ever. Once stereotyped as a teen phase that was more awkward than productive, braces are now seen as an investment that a person can make in themselves that cascades into wealth, happiness, and personal satisfaction. Unlike the days of yore, you also no longer have to receive traditional metal braces in order to get perfectly straight teeth. Invisalign aligners have improved to such a point that most orthodontists will only be too happy to recommend them.

If you think that Invisalign aligners are too expensive or fancy for you to afford, think again. Not only do they provide the exact same benefits as traditional metal braces with virtually none of the hassles, but every year they get more affordable, and more orthodontists are trained in how to install and manage them. Instead of wondering about the benefits you might be able to get from Invisalign aligners, why not make an appointment today to learn more? There are many ways to get them, some of which we’ve listed below.

Increasingly Covered by Insurance

When Invisalign aligners first came out, they were a radical departure from traditional metal braces. Therefore, many insurance companies were hesitant to cover them with dental insurance that was meant to cover some of the cost of braces. But now, because of their proven technology and longevity in the market, many insurance companies are only too glad to provide full or partial coverage for Invisalign clear aligners. If you think that you can’t afford these amazing inventions, we’d ask you to consider looking into your insurance company’s coverage and finding out exactly what you can afford and what orthodontists you should look into. It will be information that is truly worth however long it takes you to find it.

Get on a Payment Plan

Most orthodontists offer payment plans for their patients, as long as they are willing to submit a down payment upfront or agree to certain terms. These payment plans do not usually charge interest and allow you to make a set payment per month to receive treatment right now. It can be a good way to both pay-as-you-go as well as to not delay treatment for when you can finally afford a lump sum. Be sure to reach out to the experts at Imagine Braces, they would be happy to discuss a plan with you to get you started on your Invisalign journey!

Ask for a Quote and Budget

Invisalign aligners are not more expensive than traditional metal braces but can be approximately the same cost. If you have no dental insurance and no way to get cost savings, then you might want to simply make an appointment, get an out-the-door quote, and then budget for when you can afford to get your snazzy new Invisalign aligners. By saving up the money yourself, you’ll brighten your self-esteem with a renewed sense of personal responsibility and grit. When you finally can afford treatment and start on the journey towards having straight teeth and a wonderful smile, it will be all the sweeter because you’ve worked so hard for it. Budgeting and saving are underrated in our modern society, but they always have their place and time if you think the product is worth the wait.

Many Ways to Pay

As you can see, there are many ways to afford your new Invisalign aligners if you only seek them out. From getting on a payment plan to budgeting or inquiring with your insurance, they’re not out of your reach. All you have to do is contact Imagine Braces to discuss your Invisalign options today!

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