How to Ease Dental Anxiety

Posted on February 17, 2022

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Going to the dentist is very important, but it isn’t easy for everyone. Dental anxiety is very common in children and adults alike. For some, it is the environment. For others, it might be the idea of someone in their mouth for dental or orthodontic treatments. If you’re the type of person who gets anxious before your dental appointments, here are a few tips to help ease that anxiety for your next visit.

Communicate With Your Dentist

Knowing what is going to happen can help you eliminate worries about what might happen. Make sure that you are communicating with your dentist. If you want, let them know that you’re nervous about the appointment. You can ask them to explain what they’ll be doing and how it will all work. A good dentist will be willing to do this to help you feel more comfortable in their office. If your dentist refuses, consider going to a different office next time.

Go to All of Your Appointments

It is very tempting to skip dental appointments, especially if you get dental anxiety. However, it is essential that you take care of your teeth. Approximately 20% of the population doesn’t have an ideal bite, which can cause issues if they’re not diligent in maintaining their oral health (per Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D., P.C.). You’re also more likely to get cavities and require more intense treatment in the future. So, take a deep breath, and make that appointment. You’ll likely find that if you go to the dentist regularly, you’ll know what to expect at each appointment, which can help ease your anxiety.

Consider Medication

If your anxiety is interfering with your ability to get dental or orthodontic treatments, consider asking your dentist about medication. For regular appointments or smaller procedures, you might be able to take anti-anxiety medication before your appointment. For oral surgery or bigger procedures, sedation is often an option. While it shouldn’t be your first step toward managing your anxiety, medication can be a big help when you need to get dental work done.

Dental and orthodontic treatments can be anxiety-inducing. If this is the case for you, figuring out how to manage your anxiety will help you reduce it over time. Follow these tips and contact the friendly team at Imagine Braces to learn more!

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