Can Braces Be Affordable?

Posted on March 24, 2021

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About 20% of the population can benefit from braces, yet many people are hesitant to make that appointment with an orthodontist. Why are more people not opting in for braces? Many people are not taking advantage of Invisalign treatment and metal braces because they mistakenly believe they cannot afford it.

The fact is, braces can be very affordable when you work with the right orthodontist, like Dr. Johnson at Imagine Braces. Most orthodontists offer convenient payment plans to help make braces more affordable.

The Cost Has Come Down

You may be relying on information that you learned years ago about the cost of orthodontic treatment. Thanks to new technologies like Invisalign aligners, the cost of orthodontic care has come down.

A brand new straight smile full of healthy teeth is more affordable than ever. Braces, Colorado Springs patients have found, can fit into their budget nicely with new affordable options.

A Very Worthy Investment

Good oral health is vital to your overall good health. When you invest in teeth straightening options at your orthodontist, you are investing in good health. Many people make two mistakes when they hear that they or their child need braces. The first mistake is thinking that this type of care is cost-prohibitive. The second mistake is thinking that it is only an investment in aesthetics.

It is hard to care for overcrowded teeth which of course means more cavities. Additionally, misaligned teeth can cause jaw pain, headaches, and more. Visiting the general dentist more to repair those cavities means you are spending more on dental care than you need to.

Braces are not only an option for giving you a great straight smile. In many cases, they are necessary to ensure that your teeth stay healthy. There is often a medical need for braces.

Before You Make This Mistake, Do This

Before you decide that braces are out of financial reach for you or your child, make an appointment with a trusted orthodontist and learn more about payment options. You may be pleasantly surprised by payment options and the affordability of braces.

You only get one set of permanent teeth. Make sure you take care of them and get the care that you need. You will never regret investing in a smile with Dr. Johnson at Imagine Braces in Fountain, Colorado!

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