Adult Braces – Improve Your Life by Brightening Your Smile

Posted on July 14, 2021

adult braces

Braces aren’t just for teens anymore. Today, almost half of all orthodontic patients are adults ready to perfectly straighten their teeth. It’s a growing trend for adults to allow themselves to get adult braces. There are many reasons for obtaining a beautiful smile with Imagine Braces.

Metal braces have been revolutionized with less obtrusive wires that are thinner and brackets that are smaller. There are also affordable, alternative teeth-straightening options such as Invisalign. Currently, Invisalign is an option in over 45 countries with 2.5 million patients being treated. No matter which type you choose, straightening your teeth now will give you the ability to enjoy healthy, beautiful teeth for many years to come.

Adult Braces Improve More Than Just Your Physical Well-Being

When you have waited so long to align your teeth, it can be a welcome relief to visit an orthodontist for treatment. Orthodontic disorders do more than affect just teeth. They affect your mental health too. Not being able to smile or feel happy and confident about smiling has a huge impact on your social behavior and self-esteem.

Adult braces give confidence back and can raise your self-esteem. Straight teeth give you something to smile about. Get ready to share your beautiful smile with the world.

Do You Want to Keep Your Permanent Teeth?

While bad oral hygiene can cause tooth decay as well as loss, crooked teeth also contribute to the problem. Twisted and crooked teeth create hard-to-reach areas that are nearly impossible to clean without great effort. They will retain more plaque which hardens into tartar and increases the risk of gum disease.

Adult braces strengthen teeth by gently aligning them in place so they are much easier to clean. This can prevent tooth loss as well as decay and gum disease. Preventing both of those problems is reason enough to consider getting braces as an adult.

Treat Severe Bites with Adult Braces

Many adults have bite problems with some of them being so severe they affect how their mouths function. Braces are known to treat bite issues whether you’re dealing with a class 1, class 2, or class 3 malocclusion. Your orthodontist will discuss options for braces that correct malocclusions so your jaw and teeth are perfectly aligned.

Bone Loss – Adult Braces Can Keep It at Bay

Bone loss happens when tooth loss and gum disease are not treated. Teeth give the jaw bone stimulation. If you were to lose one or two teeth, your jaw bone would resorb and you will start to experience bone loss.

You can prevent bone loss and keep your natural teeth. If you have a bite problem or overcrowded teeth, it is vital that you get it corrected using braces as soon as possible. This is the best option that will give you the ability to maintain optimal oral health and preserve your teeth.

Prevent Gum Disease with Straight Teeth

Up to half of Americans over the age of 30 have gum disease. It infects gum tissue that secures your teeth in place. In severe cases, it causes soreness, pain, gum bleeding, and tooth loss. If your teeth are not in the correct position, your risk of gum disease increases.

Having your teeth straightened gives you healthier gums and teeth. It is one of the many benefits of adult braces. You are ensured optimal oral hygiene with teeth that are properly positioned. The professionals at Imagine Braces can ensure improved dental hygiene for its patients.

Enjoy the Benefits of Straight Teeth

There are many reasons to get braces as an adult, the top being improved health. It doesn’t matter how old you are either. You deserve to enjoy a beautiful smile and better oral health. Treatments times are faster too so it won’t take years to straighten your teeth.

Get ready to have fun with a dazzling smile. Schedule a free initial consultation with Imagine Braces, your top orthodontic specialists in Colorado Springs! The sooner you begin treatment, the sooner you’ll have more to smile about.

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