3 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Their Oral Health

Posted on April 6, 2023

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It can be hard to get your child to stay in the bathroom and properly brush their teeth and floss. To them, two minutes is a lifetime. But it’s important to get them to understand how vital taking care of their teeth is and to even get them to look forward to brushing their teeth.

If they don’t do that, they may need dental work or orthodontics. According to Kids Health, the minimum age for braces can be as low as seven. If they want to possibly avoid that, then it helps if they can get excited about their oral health. Here are three ways to encourage your kids to get more involved with their oral health.

1. Get Fun Dental Supplies

There are a lot of colorful toothbrushes and toothpaste out there. Many of them have their favorite cartoon or comic character on their packaging. What better way to brush your teeth than with your favorite superhero? You can even let them choose the ones they want but want to make sure that they are approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). That way, you can trust that they are using things that will be good for their oral health.

2. Use an App

While it’s not true that babies are born holding a smartphone, kids tend to gravitate towards them as they get a bit older. They quickly learn about apps and how to use them. There are a lot of apps out there that can help kids learn how to properly brush their teeth and even play timed music so that they know when to move the toothbrush to another part of their mouth. You can perfectly merge technology and oral health for your kids.

3. Set a Good Example

Kids learn by watching their parents. If they see that you cut your own toothbrushing time short, then they will think it’s okay for them, too. That can result in not-so-fun dental visits or orthodontics for both of you. Instead, you can make brushing your teeth a family event, like having everyone brush their teeth together with music.

It may take some time and effort, but once your children get into a good routine, it will be well worth it throughout their lives. Do you need dental care tips or orthodontics for your kids? Call us today!

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